Let's talk : Multiple sclerosis

Supporting either those with MS or their caregivers is particularly difficult we appreciate at this time for obvious reasons.  At talkhealth we have a number of initiatives and campaigns that are offered freely to help directly, not just the physical challenges of MS but in particular, the mental health concern that is more pronounced than ever. With that in mind, we'd like to spotlight our myMS Support Programme which provides self-management guidance to support an  MS diagnosis and our events that we'd love to invite and encourage all to participate in. 

talkhealth's myMS support hub is designed with the patient in mind. Our support programmes and other events empower those living with chronic conditions to take control of their daily lives. We want you to feel confident in sharing our free information with those affected by MS in the knowledge the information/support we provide is evidenced-based and is PIF accredited health care information.

Please do share and pass on to those you feel may benefit from, so they can join for free our events with other like-minded people. 



Bladder Health UK coffee morning

Every Friday, we host coffee morning chats on Zoom with our members. Each session lasts roughly 30-45 minutes and gives you an opportunity to meet, share and discuss a particular topic of well-being. On the last Friday of the month, a medical expert joins us, giving you the opportunity to ask someone in the know. 

THIS FRIDAY we are excited to collaborate with Bladder Health UKSpecialist Bladder and Bowel Nurse Karen Powell MSc will be sharing her extensive B+B knowledge. As a specialist in the field, Karen is the perfect person to answer any questions about chronic conditions and incontinence, bladder management and urology.

Dr Gretchen Hawley MS expert webinar

TH+ Expert Webinar with Dr. Gretchen Hawley: The importance daily movement to MS management

Wednesday 17 March - 1pm 

An MS diagnosis shouldn’t stop us from living our most active lives. In fact, taking care of our physical and mental well-being is arguably more important for those of us living with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis. 
Dr Gretchen Hawley is a physical therapy expert with a special interest in the management and wellness of MS patients. She works to help people improve their balance, walking and energy  - all things that can pose challenges during a relapse or in the course of secondary progressive MS. We’re thrilled to be hosting a webinar with Dr Gretchen on the role of movement and simple exercise as a crucial tool for mastering - not just managing - MS.



Jessie Ace Instagram Live

We caught up with founder of the ENabled Warrior symptom tracker, Jessie Ace over on Instagram. During the live, Jessie shared her own MS story and how this has shaped her advocacy. From increasing invisible illness awareness to tips on how to stay positive, the chat is definitely one to bookmark! 

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 22-years-old Jessie was left in limbo. She was given no day-to-day advice by her HCP and took to the internet. After realising the importance of patient stories, Jessie harnessed the power of health forums to share her own. This led her to set up her podcast DISabled to ENabled and to create the first easy-to-use MS symptom tracker. In all of this, her main aim is to empower. 




Managing multiple sclerosis can be tricky - there's so much information out there that it's hard to know where to begin! Our support programme is designed to help patients navigate every part of life, whether that's getting an MS team together, having a conversation at work about their changing needs, or looking at the role diet can play in fatigue management. 

Over a 13 week period, participants receive one or two weekly downloadable PDFs that contain easy-to-digest, practical information.  Written by medical experts, charities and talkhealth to PIF tick evidence-based accreditation. The programme covers: mental health and emotional wellbeingpain and fatigue managementemploymentcarer supportdiet and navigating the NHS.


Living Well Programme 2021.

Living Well Programme 2021


We are delivering 12 virtual webinars, one a month, and these are all going to be centred on a monthly theme. Here’s a quick look at the themes we have planned:

 Being Active – Getting Motivated.

Managing my Emotions


Building Resilience and Good Mental Health


Looking at Life Style Choices

Talking to Other People about my MS

Getting Active and Pain Management


Pregnancy and Family Planning

Changing Symptoms

Mindfulness and Meditation


We have some wonderful speakers lined up and our quarter one webinars are all booked in:

 Being Active – Getting Motivated

Thursday 14th January, 7pm

 Managing my Emotions

Thursday 4th February, 7pm

 Fatigue and my MS

Thursday 18th March, 7pm


Wellbeing Sessions:

We are also delivering our amazing Wellbeing Sessions and have 12 planned for people living with MS and at least two more for Family and Friends. These sessions are aimed at

·         Newly Diagnosed

·         People Living with MS

·         Changing Symptoms

·         Progressive Forms of MS

·         Family and Friends

These sessions consist of four weekly hour and a half sessions to chat, reflect on and share experiences and look at different ways to live well with MS. Sessions starting in quarter one are booked for:


Newly Diagnosed (Group 1)

Starting Tuesday 26th January, 6.30pm

Living with MS (Group 2)

Starting Thursday 18th February, 7pm

Progressive Forms of MS (Group 3)

Starting Wednesday 31st March, 7pm